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The first rule of self defense is to avoid situations that puts you or your loved ones at risk for physical harm. Being alert, using common sense, avoiding hazards, and limiting dangerous activities are all ways to promote self defense. However, no matter how much we try, sooner or later we will be in close proximity to danger. Even if you take all the precautions, danger may come to you wherever you may be whether it is at work, home, or during daily activities. It is at this point that you should be ready to anticipate and react to personal attacks with no hesitation. To prepare for a self defense situation you must train yourself to a skill level that will let you react naturally. Crimes against people such as Home Invasions, Car Jacking, Muggings, Strong Arm Robbery, Burglary, and Assaults happen very quickly. Most crimes are committed within seconds, leaving very little time for defensive reactions so you should have enough skill and knowledge to launch a counter attack. You should have a plan, prepare, and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN! This site contains information on self defense techniques, self defense weapons, and products that will help you protect yourself, your family, and friends. Our sole purpose is to inform and share knowledge, techniques, and strategies from the Self Defense Community.

We here at feel that when properly trained firearms are the most effective weapon that one can posses for any self defense situation. The reason we feel that firearms are best self defense is because they get the most respect from violent criminals. Many crimes are prevented from happening just because a firearm is present and most of the time stopped without a single shot being fired. There is very few criminals on Earth that will continue to carry out a crime against another person if a firearm is presented in self defense. Other self defense weapons such as knifes, sticks, stun guns etc. are great when a firearm is not available but distance between you and your attacker is most important. The same goes for hand to hand self defense combat, it is crucial to know unarmed self defense, but it should not be your first option. If you pay close enough attention to your surroundings a possible threat can be spotted from a distance which will allow you enough time to ready your weapon/firearm. Carrying a firearm on your persons requires you to be at higher level of responsibility and you will be held accountable for all your actions should you have to use lethal force. There is a lot of facts, techniques, and skills to learn in order to handle a firearm properly should the situation arise. For self defense and self defense firearm training please visit our contact us page for a listing of firearm instructors in your area.



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