Choosing a concealed weapon for self defense

 Choosing a self defense weapon will depend on many factors such as: where you live, what type of environment you live and work in (ex: city, suburbs, rural area, farm land, etc.. Other factors will be what weapons and tactics you are most comfortable or confident with using if the situation should arise. You must be very proficient with your self defense weapons so that if the time should come you will be more than ready to defend yourself and your family. As mentioned before a self defense weapon can be many different things including your own body. Along with weapons training it is a must that you learn unarmed hand to hand self defense combat. A well rounded self defense training will insure that you will be ready for a variety of self defense situations.


When most people think of a weapon to defend themselves the first thing that comes to mind is a gun. A firearm is the best self defense weapon when in the hands of a mentally stable and properly trained individual. The reason why many self defense instructors feel that the firearm is the best defense weapon is because it can be used with distance between you and the attacker. Distance between you and a criminal is by far the most important thing in self, personal, and home defense. Firearms are regarded as the most lethal weapon that lawful civilians can own and concealed carry. However there is a false sense of security with firearms because most think that one shot from a firearm will stop an attacker dead in their tracks. The films and movies depict guns as the the ultimate bad guy stopper. In the movies when a bad guy is shot he goes flying backwards. In reality a bullet from most all firearms will not even move a human if shot. It will take well placed shots to effectively stop or bring down an attacker. Humans and animals can be shot by a firearm and still be able to move and function depending on where they have been shot. The Self Defense and law enforcement professionals have concluded that well placed shots to the center mass of a human body is most effective way to stop an attacker. The center mass (add web link) is an area of the body that contains vital organs that when injured could cause enough trauma to stop an assailant.

Firearms / Guns come in many different shapes and sizes. Which type of firearm is right for you depends on your lifestyle. There is 3 major types of firearms they are shotguns, rifles, and pistols. An highly unknown fact is that the pistol is the least accurate and least effective of all firearms. The rifle then the shotgun are the most accurate firearms due to the longer length of the barrel that the bullet or projectiles travel out of. The original purpose of a pistol is primarily for close quarters combat and concealment. Due to the environment we live in which is usually highly populated the pistol is the first choice for a self defense firearm because in can be a concealed carry weapon. Besides the 3 different types of firearms you will also have to choose the size and type of bullet / projectile that meets your needs. Rifles and pistols use bullets also called a cartridge. Bullet/ Cartridge consist of a projectile, shell full of gunpowder which is ignited by a primer. When the gunpowder is ignited inside the shell casing the projectile is then sent traveling at sub sonic to super sonic speeds.

Shotguns are similar in design but differ in which they use cartridge that has a shell casing made of metal base andplastic material that contains gunpowder, wading, and a variety of projectiles. Shotguns can fire multiple projectiles to single projectiles called a slug or slug shot. Shotguns have been getting very popular for self defense use due to there ability to have very good stopping power and multiple ammo choices. Another reason shotguns have become more popular is because something called over penetration. Over penetration is when a bullet or projectile travels through the target or misses the target then has the ability to hit unintended people or objects. Since shotguns can fire a single shot with multiple smaller projectiles the issue over penetration is greatly diminished but a close range the stopping power is still retained. 

 To operate a firearm with decent to high accuracy it is imperative that you practice shooting and maintain your shooting skills. If you want to raise your skill level to a highest level you should do firearms training that simulates real life environments and self defense situations.

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