Don't be scared Self Defense

The reason for this blog/article is to discuss the feelings some may have about self and personal defense. If you are new to self defense, you probably at least heard of or know someone that has taken some form of self defense training. For some people, the thought of physically harming an attacker in the act of self preservation can be a hard concept to grasp. Most people are not prepared mentally and physically to deal with being attacked or defending themselves and their family against an attacker. Preparing for self defense means taking some form of fighting (hand to hand combat armed and unarmed) and sometimes firearms training. Using a gun for personal defense is where the intimidation factor really strikes the hardest for most people not familiar with lethal self defense. Even for those that have had self defense training, carrying a firearm or self defense weapon can bring on a sense of fear. The fear can be the anticipation of being attacked or the fear of actually using a lethal weapon and harming another human being. Also, the fear could be still feeling insecure with your abilities to defend yourself if the situation should arise. 

There is no way to fully remove any doubts in your mind about your self defense capabilities, but the best thing to do is to practice and train. The more practice and training you do, the more peace of mind you will gain because you feel confident in your personal defense abilities. Everyone should evaluate threat environments that they may enter and be around, then rehearse a defensive scenario. If your fear/concern is being attacked in a parking lot while going to your car then create a scenario in your mind and develop a strategy. Go through every possible way that an attacker may try to ambush you, then build an internal self defense playbook in your head. An added benefit to defensive planning such as this is that you will become more aware of ambushes and probable attack locations. Use this defensive planning for every concern and fear that you have, and it will greatly easy your mind. Just as the principal of a middle school makes all the students and staff conduct a fire drill, we should practice self, personal, and home defense drill situations. For many of us in the personal defense and firearms community, we always hear veteran self defensive/firearms instructors stress the point that 'our self defense actions should be borderline basic instincts'.  If you are about to be attacked and you do not see the attack coming, you will be at least one second behind if you react spontaneously, therefore time will be of the essence. You must learn to embrace this fact and work with it, not against it. Do not let fear limit your knowledge and preparedness about self and personal defense. There are many ways to turn the offender into the defender by creating a distraction, illusion, unwanted attention, etc.. We will further discuss ways in which you can turn the odds in your favor in later blog/articles. Stay Safe!



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