L.E.D. flashlight for self defense

L.E.D. (light-emitting diode) flashlights have come from being relatively new technology to standard technology these days. The L.E.D.'s major advantage over incandescent and neon lighting is its efficiency in terms of light output to power use. Also an L.E.D. light bulb is very small for the amount light that it can emit. What this means is that an LED flashlight can use multiple small high output bulbs to equal and surpass the light output of older incandescent flashlight. To add to the L.E.D.'s already superior advantage, the life expectancy of the bulb is said reach 50,000 hours of use while an older style incandescent bulb many only reach a life span of 15,000 hours max. Other advantages are -durability, -focus or light concentration, -on and off cycling, and most important is -dimming death. An L.E.D. bulb does not die or stop working immediately like a incandescent light instead it will slowly dim and lower in light output until complete failure.

For Self and Personal Defense the primary use of a flashlight is for low light/night time situations. General Safety can also increase by having a flashlight present when there is low visibility. The most important thing in a low light self defense situation is to be able to see your attacker/intruder. If you are defending yourself with a firearm, it is imperative that you see your intended target. In a self defense confrontation, a shadow or silhouette in the dark may be one of your family members, a friend, or innocent bystander. The last thing you want to do is injure or kill the wrong person instead of the intended target. Having a flashlight will help you identify the attacker and/or your family/friends. Please remember it is very important to keep your finger off the trigger until you have positively identified your target. Many companies offer tactical flashlights that can mount on your firearm or you could use a hand held flashlight in concert with a pistol.

Using a flashlight in low light situations takes a little training and some common sense. If the bad guy sees the light from your flashlight then they will know exactly where you are. For this reason it is better to use the flashlight in a strobe fashion, lighting up areas that you wish to see then quickly turning off the light. Operating the flashlight like this will make it harder for the bad guy to pin point your exact location.

Most people not familiar with self defense tools and tactics are unaware of other uses of the flashlight. If you ever had a bright to even moderate light shined into your eyes you would remember how it effects your ability to see and function. The human eye relies on available light to see images. During the daytime our pupils ( pupillary light reflex) will adjust and let less light in and during the night time they will adjust and let more light in to see. However, the human eyes are not suited to sudden changes in light and darkness. For low light self defense situation we can use a bright flashlight to disturb the attacker's eyes thus causing them to lose the ability to see and focus properly. This effect is momentarily as the eye will be trying to adjust so keep in mind the attacker should be able to see again within a couple of seconds. However, a couple of seconds is all you need to get away or make a counter attack then get away from the threat. If you need to, you can continue flashing your light in a strobe fashion at the attacker's eyes to stop further attack, create distance or counter strike until the threat is disabled / injured. In your home, a quick flash from a bright flashlight into an intruders eyes can give you enough time to take a well placed shot or disorient them enough to stop the threat.

Most all modern flashlights are L.E.D. due to the facts stated in the beginning of the article. Tactical Flashlight is a term you will hear used often when it comes to self defense and personal defense products. Tactical Flashlights are designed to be carried / hand held, bright for blinding power, durable enough to withstand drops and impacts, and some tactical lights are even designed to be used as an improvised weapon like a blunt object. You can find these flashlights almost anywhere such as sporting goods stores, gun shops, hardware store, etc.. The price of a tactical flashlight can vary depending on quality, brand name, and size. There are some high quality flashlights that can be bought for under $50.00 and more expensive brand name lights can cost $100 and up. It is recommended that you get a flashlight that uses popular battery sizes in the case that you need to replace the batteries. You can search for anything related to self defense , personal defense, tactical L.E.D. flashlights here:

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