Non Lethal Self Defense weapons

Almost all self defense situations that you could be involved in can be solved by non lethal weapons. We must remember the whole point of self and personal defense is to stop the attack and retreat, or leave the threat area then call the police. Some non lethal weapons such as pepper spray/mace/tear gas and stun gun/taser gun are actually more effective at stopping a human attacker.  When using a firearm, it would take a well placed shot to an attacker's CNS (Central Nervous System) to cause an immediate stop. If you do not cause enough trauma with a bullet shot your attack may still be able to physically function enough to continue attacking. Although guns have a great effect of deterring an attacker solely by its presence, sometimes it is not the right tool for self defense, especially when a threat is unarmed or not crossing your personal comfort line. When defending yourself, you should always be thinking of the repercussions of your actions. Therefore, a non lethal weapon may be the best choice to have in all situations. 

  One non lethal weapon we will discuss is pepper spray/mace/tear gas. Pepper spray/mace/tear gas will cause an immediate debilitating reaction to anyone on the receiving end over 80% of the time. Even if the pepper spray/gas does not make direct contact with the ideal target area such as the facial area, anyone within close proximity will feel the effects of the spray/gas. The effects or pepper spray/gas is a burning sensation to the eyes causing temporary blindness, burning sensation on the skin, difficulty breathing, coughing, and severe sinus irritation. The effects can last from 15 to 45 min, which will give you more than enough time to get away from the threat area. There are 2 major forms of pepper spray but both contain ingredients from a chili pepper. OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray is what most civilians and law enforcement uses as a non lethal weapon. OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) gas is mainly used by law enforcement for riot crowd control and tactical enforcement. However, as with any personal defense weapon you will need to train yourself how to effectively and safely use it for defensive purposes. When using a pepper spray for self defense you must understand that you will need to have the spray readily available in high threat areas. You cannot be searching for the pepper spray when you are suddenly confronted with a possible threat. A proper use example would be: when you are walking to your car in a parking lot you will want to have the spray in hand not in the bottom of your bag or deep in your pocket. If you are not comfortable with a firearm this is a very good if not better option.

 Another non lethal weapon is an electroshock weapon. Electroshock Weapons main purpose is for EMD (Electro Musclular Disruption). There are 2 major types of electric shock weapons, stun guns and tasers. A stun gun is a device that is usually hand held or could be apart of a weapon that has electrodes connected to it; however the electrodes needs to be in direct contact to be effective.  A taser can fire a projectile connected to a device that will deliver a high voltage but low current shock. When an attacker's body is contacted by the taser/stun gun's electrical current it momentarily disables the attacker by causing EMD. The attacker is unable to continue because the body's muscle triggering system is overridden with over stimulating electrical impulses causing muscle spasms. The effects of a stun gun or taser is immediate and very effective. It is a fact that a decent taser shot is better at stopping a forwarding attacker then a non CNS shot from a bullet/firearm. Just as any weapon you will need to practice with the weapon and be confident using it. By practice we mean working on your presentation of the weapon (quick draw) and practice shots (dry fire) which is pretending to fire or activate the weapon. Any weapon that you choose to carry should be either in your hand or within very close reach. For any non lethal weapon there is no excuse to not have the weapon in your hand ready to use when you are in high threat situations such as answering the door, walking to your car, or in any uncertain/unfamiliar areas.

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