Self Defense

Self Defense is the art of using defensive force against an offensive force that is perceived to be a threat to property or physical well being. In order to justify using force against an aggressor you must have legal provocation that the threat can only be dealt with by using lethal force. Things that need to be considered before planning a method of self defense is your weapons of choice. Your weapon can be something that can cause harm such as a firearm, stick, knife, and even yourself. Depending on where you live unfortunately you may be limited to the types of weapons that you may be able to possess or carry on your persons. After you have checked the laws in the country, state, or city that you live in you can then decide on weapons of your choice. Every self defense situation will be different and will require different skill sets. Besides using weapons for personal defense it is most important to have wide range of self defense tactics training. Examples of this could be learning, how to identify a threat, how to avoid danger, how to confront a threat, how to escape attack etc. The most important self defense weapon will ultimately be your mind and then whatever weapons and tactics you choose to defend yourself with. You should always keep an open mind because a weapon does not have to be a gun or knife a weapon can be any object available at the time of a self defense situation. There is also a wide variety of self defense weapons some lethal and some are non lethal. Some examples of non lethal weapons are, pepper spray, stun gun / taser, or even a flashlight. Find the weapon and tactics that best suit your needs according to the environment you live in and train,train,train! Stay tuned for more information when we will discuss what self defense weapons are available for you.

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1. Ivan wrote:
further distances but it shuts down and teesns all muscles, weakens you makes you feel weaker once the tasings overStun gun: is like a shock a very painful shock, but does not have and weakening effects aside from shocking and hurting a little after.

Mon, December 9, 2013 @ 4:49 AM

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